Photo Journal: Paris in the Snow

I have been to Paris six times and I never get sick of it. This may seem odd because there is a world full of gorgeous places, but I have to say that Paris is probably the most beautiful city in the world to me. There is no place on earth that shares this lovely assortment of Haussmann architecture that is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. And inside most buildings are even more beautiful spaces of ornate stylings that make each time I come back a wild adventure through a nostalgic time.

I had previously been during the Spring, Summer, and Fall, but I had not yet stepped foot into Paris during the Winter season. I decided to spend a few days in this capital city on my most recent Europe trip, and to my absolute luck, it just so happened to be during a very rare snowfall that Paris was receiving. I couldn't believe that it had been coincidentally timed so well like this and obviously I had to make sure I was capturing it in all its beauty while it lasted.

Paris is already a magical city, but in the snow, it turns into a winter wonderland. Whether the snow is pounding down and making you feel like you're in Narnia, or after it rests and the streets are filled with the melting snow, it's all quite wonderful and I was happy to add to my large portfolio of Parisian photos. I highly suggest travelers take a chance on Paris in the winter, because I now think this may be my favorite season there. The sunlight hits the city perfectly and there's the chance of snow that makes it extra special.