Capri: The Ultimate Travel Guide To One Of Italy’s Most Beautiful Islands

Capri is one of Italy’s most beautiful islands. Located off the south coast of Naples near the Amalfi Coast, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it has been a popular resort destination for travelers and holiday makers since the time of the Roman Republic.

Capri: The Ultimate Travel Guide To One Of Italy's Most Beautiful Islands

It has a remarkable historic culture dating back over 2000 years, which makes it the perfect destination for tourists looking to experience a gorgeous Italian island.

The island of Capri holds stunning natural beauty and a laid back island lifestyle. The history of the island is long and fascinating, and past visitors range from Roman Emperors to Oscar Wilde and Mariah Carey.

There are classic Italian alleyways in the largest city, called Capri Town, ancient villas and churches, as well as a modern nightlife and fantastic beaches.

Finding Your Way To Capri

Arriving in Capri from mainland Italy by ferry takes less than an hour (Also check out Most Beautiful Towns In Italy). Traveling from Naples will take you 40 minutes, whereas approaching from nearby Sorrento will take no more than 20 minutes.

Greeting you to the island will be the ferry terminal Marina Grande and, from there, you will have the run of the place. Prepare for locals attempting to sell you their wares or transport, however.

Making Your Way In Capri

Capri is not a small island, at almost 5 square miles, so finding some form of transportation is key to making your trip run smoothly. Much of Capri Town is accessible only by foot, but making your way across the island as a whole may require some wheels.

Consider hiring the iconic Italian Vespa, that luxury electric scooter, for under 100 Euros. Find your way around using Italy’s buses, or hiring a Taxi service. If none of these appeal to you, walking with your own two feet is the way to go.

Capri Town

The first port of call when you arrive on Capri should be Capri Town, the largest settlement on the island. You will have already seen the main port, but other sites include La Piazzetta – called “the little theater of the world” – the most famous town square on the island.

Try the gelateria from Buonocore Gelateria, or sample from the hundreds of wines found at La Capannina restaurant. Take in the old clock tower, and maybe check-in at the Grand Hotel Quisisana (established in 1861) which is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World.

Consider visiting one of the eight churches located in the town.


The other town on Capri is the comune of AnaCapri, translated into “above Capri” because the settlement towers above the rest of the island.

Famous for its picturesque views of the Bay of Naples, AnaCapri can be reached from Marina Grande via bus and taxi services, and is known for its slow, rural pace of life and proximity to the Blue Grotto.

Head To The Beach And The Blue Grotto

Mentioned in travel books as early as the 1800s, the Blue Grotto is a popular visiting spot for swimmers, beachgoers, and those traveling by boat.

The dazzling blue glow of this sea cave, caused by a unique formation of rock allowing the strange reflection of the relaxing Italian sunlight, is a sight to behold. The Blue Grotto even has terrifying Medieval legends of devils and demons attached to it.

Capri: The Ultimate Travel Guide To One Of Italy's Most Beautiful Islands

Besides the enchanting Blue Grotto, Capri is home to a number of beautiful beach locations. Bathe in the sun at Marina Piccola, where the crystal clear waters are perfect for cooling off.

La Fontelina Beach Club is perfect for a day by the beach, accessible by a short boat trip, with fresh and local seafood available alongside some authentic Italian wine.

Get Lost In History

The island of Capri is bathed in the sunlight as much as it is bathed in fascinating history. Every corner of the island is steeped in legend and fact.

Head to the northeast and find Villa Jovis, the ruins of a Roman palace owned by Emperor TIberius, who reportedly engaged in orgies and nights of debauchery.

Not too far south from Villa Jovis is Arco Naturale, or “The Natural Arch”, a stunning rock arch visible from both land and sea. A wonder of ancient natural erosion processes, it’s said that kissing your partner in view of the arch brings good luck!

Or simply find your own way through the stories of Capri because, on an island as rich and beloved as this one, there is something magical and fascinating wherever the wind takes you.

Staying On The Island Of Capri

Many tourists visit Capri, as many as 20,000 per day, but a large number of them are day visitors. To get the full experience of what Capri has to offer, consider staying overnight at one of the island’s many hotels.

There are many resorts on Capri offering luxury and first-class accommodations. For those on a budget, experience Villa Eva or Hotel Bellavista.

For those holidaymakers looking to have their every need attended to, the Hotel Mamela, Hotel Villa Blu Capri, the Hotel Caesar Augustus, or the Capri Tiberio Palace will have what you are looking for/

Making The Most Of Your Trip

Capri is an island that has been adored by emperors, poets, and Hollywood starlets equally. It is a place of romance and pleasure, of fine dining and even finer views, and where time seems to slip away and the days never end.

To make the most of your stay in Capri, remember to plan your trip in advance. Capri is just one place in the Amalfi Coast, a timeless and gorgeous part of the Mediterranean Sea, and visiting Capri will also open up opportunities to see Naples and Pompeii.

Visiting Capri will be the trip of a lifetime, the chance to make some memories to last forever, or to simply unwind with the sun, the sea, and a few glasses of vino.

Claudia Torres

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