About Us

HI! I’m Claudia Torres and I am a self-proclaimed digital nomad, traveling the world and documenting it digitally as I go. Three years down, forever to go!

My travel bug itch began when I began a 9-5 job in college that I was absolutely miserable at. I saved up my tips and got the first flight to Thailand.

While out there, I read something that literally changed my life (cliche, I know) - the four-hour workweek. I decided to take the leap and quit my job (scary) and learn how to make money while traveling.

Originally born in Cuba, I moved to the USA when I was only 4 years old. My parents didn’t have much, but that didn’t stop them from taking us on trips every year to places like Key West, Disney World, Mexico, and more.

My family is a big part of my love for travel, and I also thank them for teaching me that experiences should always be a priority, no matter what your budget.

Claudia 2

I began a number of travel blogs as I went, learning more about digital marketing and SEO every step of the way.

Since that rainy day when I quit my job and risked it all for solo travel, I haven’t looked back! I have since lived in Costa Rica, Vietnam, Bolivia, Spain, and Cape Town.

It’s never a dull moment trying to travel on a four-hour workweek, but it’s not something I’d change for the world.

So, come with me on my adventures and help me find the best cafe shop to work from in every city I pass through!