How to Spend a Weekend in Lisbon


Lisbon is a beautiful city that has rightfully been getting the attention it's long deserved. In the past couple years it's become a new tourist hotspot in Europe and after finally going there, I could see why. It's vibrant, the people are friendly, there are so many things to do, and it's absolutely stunning. And because of its location, it's an easy place to get away to for a long weekend or 2-3 day trip. If you're ready to take the plunge into this Portuguese city, read on for my tips.

Street Art

Lisbon is full of fantastic street art at every corner. See what places you can spot as you walk around the city.


Pink Houses

As someone who adores the color pink and often doesn't see it a lot when traveling, Lisbon is a place that fulfills my millennial pink dreams. While there is every color of home in this city, the pink ones really stand out with their lovely hue.


Belem Tower

This fortress in the Belem area of the city is worth the tram ride out to. You can pay to go inside, but it's equally as stunning to look at from the outside if you're short on time.


Belem Area

Just in general, the Belem part of the city is a nice area to escape to. You can take a bus, tram or taxi out there (it is probably too far to walk to if you're short on time), and you can get a lovely view of the water, the giant bridge, the soldier's monument and more.

Jeronimos Monastery 

Over in Belem, you'll find this huge monastery that is very much worth the ticket price. It's a treat to walk around the hallways of this church. You'll feel like you stepped back in time.

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Pastel de Nata

When in the city, you must try this tasty Portuguese treat. It's like a little custard tart and so good. You can find them everywhere, but the most famous are from PastΓ©is de BelΓ©m which is in the Belem neighborhood.


Miradouros (Lookout Points)

In the Alfama district of Lisbon, you'll find many lookout points where you can get a vast view of the city below. This gives you a good look at all the rooftops of the city and the water.


Pink Street

This nightlife area in the city is great at night or during the day. In the morning, the street is empty and you can see the pink walkway. At night, the area becomes lit up with clubs, bars, and people.


Tram Ride

If you hop on the number 28, you can take a journey through the Alfama district, which goes up the hill and through the city. But really, any tram you take will get you somewhere beautiful so jump on one and feel old-timey.


Tile Hunting

Basically every wall is covered with gorgeous tiles all over the whole city so you can't miss finding some fun and unique ones.


Santa Justa Lift

This elevator in the city is a cool way to get to a birds-eye view. There's also a back entrance if you don't want to pay to get to the top, you can walk up the hill and get to it from the sky bridge.

Carmo Convent

These church ruins make you feel like you're in an Indiana Jones film. 

Praça do Comércio

This main square down in the heart of the city feels so incredibly European and isn't a spot to miss as you walk around downtown.

Day Trip to Sintra

If you have time, take the train to Sintra, a 45-minute ride to a town that is straight out of a fairytale.