Photo Journal: Keep Portland Weird

Despite growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I haven't spent much time outside of the very upper left corner of the country. After Portlandia came out, I figured I should probably go give Portland a chance and I visited my best friend there very, very briefly in 2013 as I was driving to Los Angeles. I went back maybe one or two more times in the past few years, and even to this day still haven't spent nearly enough time in the city.

I went down south to visit my bestie recently and spent a short amount of time in Portland and on the Oregon coast. It was quite glorious to get away from my usual surroundings and go somewhere new. We hit up the Alberta Arts District of Portland, Lincoln City on the coast and then I took a very short journey into downtown Portland to swipe some famous Voodoo Doughnuts to bring home to the family. I love how much diversity of landscapes the PNW has and it's lovely to see that this hipster city is a happening spot I could potentially see myself living in someday.

Alberta Arts District

Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast

Downtown Portland