Walking for Equality In The Women's March NYC

As an idealist and a dreamer, I often get upset when I realize the world isn't this magical utopia of equal rights that I grew up wishing it would be. And after the past few months, it felt like I was living in a country that really didn't believe in basic human rights. But today I was enlightened. I saw, in-person, the people of the world who do care about equality and moving in a direction of change. I saw that hundreds of thousands of people would get together in the streets of New York City and walk together in peaceful protest to represent what we believe to be right. Then I looked at my phone and saw that it was happening all over the world as well. There ARE a lot of us who think that women should be in charge of their body, that minorities of all kinds should be able to go through the world without discrimination and stereotypes put against them, that art and creativity is so important to the survival of our sanities, that immigrants and Muslims need to be shown acceptance and love rather than needless hate, and that THIS is what actual uniting is. I witnessed people of all types walking together with chants and songs that showed that we're all on the same page about this magical utopia that we all want America to become. It was beautiful, it was inspiring, it was real life and not fiction. I almost didn't bring my camera to the event because I was scared of what might happen and didn't want for it to break, but the day couldn't have been more relaxed and smooth and I'm glad I could shoot some of my favorite signs and moments that happened. I feel grateful to be on the right side of history.