Things to Do on Whidbey Island in the Spring and Summer


I definitely didn’t appreciate Whidbey Island while growing up. It felt like I was cut off from the “real world” because I had to take a ferry to get anywhere exciting. Well, as an adult, I feel very different. I now view Whidbey Island as a place to go when I need some peace in my life and a location that has so much under-appreciated beauty. Coming back and seeing things with new eyes has excited me and made me realize how much the island has to offer.

Whidbey Island has always been a tourist-y location, but with the Seattle boom of Amazon and Microsoft, there’s a lot more people in the Pacific Northwest than there was 20 years ago, and that means more people coming to the island for a weekend jaunt. I remember when I was in high school and Oprah said she’d love to visit and then that summer the ferry lines were insane. Well, now she bought a house on Orcas Island, so she wasn’t lying when she said she loved the Puget Sound area.

As someone who spent the first 18 years of her life on the island and now loves to return to visit her family, I have some spots that are perfect to add to your itinerary, especially for the spring and summer. Honestly, you shouldn’t even visit the island in the winter, because it does become a bit desolate. But when the sun starts to come out more, that’s when magic happens.

Bayview Farm and Garden

bayview farm and garden

This lovely gardening store in Bayview springs alive once the weather starts to get nicer. And to make it even more worthy of a visit, starting in May, there’s a floral arch that runs through the grounds. If you’re tired after shopping for plants, the Flower House Cafe is right there for coffee and other treats.

Deception Pass

deception pass

Most people have heard of Deception Pass if they’ve decided to come to the area. At the top of the island, one of the most photographable bridges connects Whidbey to the rest of the world. This area has hiking, boating, and viewing points.

Lavender Wind Farm

lavender wind farm

In mid-June the lavender farm opens in Coupeville. It’s a perfect place to go smell the flowers, buy some lavender and walk through the rows of purple.

Whidbey Pride

whidbey pride

Whidbey may be small, but the residents celebrate their Pride too! In June, there’s a small parade in Langley and some other fun events around the town.

Blue Fox Drive-In

Being one of the last drive-in movie theaters left in America, Blue Fox in Oak Harbor is worth a visit, if for the nostalgia factor at least. The prices are wildly affordable and there’s usually 2 or 3 movies playing every night. There’s also a go-cart area, arcade, and food bar.

Ferry Ride


You’ll like have taken a ferry to get to Whidbey in the first place. These journeys are always fun and quite a lovely way to get to a new location. The main route is from Mukilteo to Clinton, but there’s also a ferry from Port Townsend that goes to Coupeville as well.

Thrifting/Garage Sales/Island Recycling


Whidbey has some eclectic residents, so it would only make sense that they would eventually part with some of their oddball items. At Island Recycling, you can find unique items that have been thrown away. There’s a multitude of thrift shops where you can browse clothing, vintage items, and affordable furniture. And on the weekend, there’s so many garage, yard, estate, lawn sales going on that you can make a whole day of it.

K & R Farms

ice cream

Right past Oak Harbor, you can find K & R Farms, where you’ll find a lovely ice cream stand, and a sunflower field that gets to its full bloom by the late summer.


Just walking around Langley is always a great idea. It truly is a town made for tourism. You can find the Clyde Theater for $7 movies, Village Pizzeria for the best pesto pizza in the world, Whidbey Island Center for the Arts for top-notch performances, and a bunch of adorable shops and eateries that will warm your heart.

clyde theater


Coupeville is another town like Langley, but in the middle of the island. It’s another place to go to find lovely places to eat and shop. There’s a beautiful waterfront with a long boardwalk and plenty of things to do.


Ebey’s Landing

On the opposite side of the highway from downtown, you’ll find this long stretch of beach that is perfect for walks and exploring. Watching the sunsets here are a must if you have the time.

ebeys landing