What to Pack for Early Autumn in London


If you couldn't tell, two of my main obsessions in life are London and Primark. I've spent a considerable amount of time in the UK and spent probably 50% of my income on buying clothes from Primark. It's okay, you can totally judge me. My love for Primark even recently got me featured on their August Hotlist for their favorite summer looks (no big deal or anything, other than I freaked the eff out).

I tend to go to London about twice a year, usually in the Spring and Autumn. I'm about to leave again for the UK and this time I'm going in the very early Autumn, which can actually still be sort of warm in this part of the world. It's not quite sweater weather yet, but it's also not overly warm. This is something to take into consideration when packing for a trip to this English city. You still want to look chic, but also weather appropriate.

Having gone through Primark's catalog, I've gotten a good idea of what this season's looks are. As someone who promotes a budget life, Primark is the best place to get cheap, but adorable clothes (I swear I'm not being paid by them to say this, I just love them that much). I can always walk out of the store with a huge bag of clothing without spending too much. I like to use their site for inspiration for what to pack for my London trips, as well as what I'll try to buy when I arrive. Here are my suggestions for this early Autumn season to fit in with the fashion capital citizens.


While it's probably not summery enough to wear thin tops or straps, it's time to bring back light sweaters into the wardrobe and shirts that will keep you warmer without being too hot. Since the embroidery trend is still very much in at the moment, opting for a top with some beautiful florals will make you look incredibly chic. Since it's still that awkward period between summer and when it starts to get cold, you can play with bright colors like yellow still without standing out too much. And of course, a nice flowy top will look great for any nicer nights out and work for a casual day as well.


It won't be too cold, so warm winter jackets are not required. Keep it light by packing a long cardigan that can act as a coat on the warmer days. It should be easier to put away in your bag than an actual jacket for those moments when the sun decides to come out. A jean jacket is mandatory for this fall fashion season. Not only are they very in this year, they look great and can make any outfit look a bit more grungy and hip. And then for the moments when the cold does roll in a bit, a muted camel jacket will help you blend in with the fashionistas walking around the city.


A good pair of jeans will be your go-to for an early Autumn visit. They are comfortable and work with any look. You also can't go wrong with a simple black skirt. It can be worn during the day with a casual shirt or with a fancier top for a night out on the top. Faux leather also gives you an up on a basic fabric. And as it is Fall, it's almost a law that you must have a jumper at the ready. These can double as a skirt if you cover the top with a sweater, or just give you a young, fun look if you wear it over a nice shirt.


If you couldn't tell already, but embroidered pieces are everywhere this season so what better way to take advantage of the trend than to have it proudly embedded into your purse or backpack. If you're visiting London, it's likely you'll have a good amount of things you're carrying around with you during the day, so a small, cute backpack will give you a good way to haul it without looking like a schoolgirl. And for the days when you don't need as much, a small cross-body bag will more than do the trip. Another current trend is fishnet tights and stockings. A pair of fishnet socks will give your outfit an edgy look, especially if they're visible at the top of your shoes.


You can't get away with being a fashionista in London without a pair of ankle boots. While they might not be the most comfortable shoe to walk around in all day, they make for a great look for a nicer event. And a pair with some floral accents will set you apart from the crowd. Mules are back and make for a unique change from a regular flat. These slip on shoes look good with almost any outfit and are perfect for a day out in the city. And if you're a bit more for comfort over fashion, a nice pair of combat boots can work for any day and be your best friend if your feet tend towards the achy.

What Fall fashion looks are you excited for this year?