What To Pack For Spring In London

It's about that time again, when I'm off to my favorite city in the world; London. Each time I head there, one of my first stops is the store Primark. I can always depend on them to provide me with all the fashion staples I need for the season. The Spring always brings some great fashion (Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking) and I end up filling my backpack with too many clothes and having to figure out how I'm going to get it all home. I tend to use Primark's website as inspiration for what I'm going to buy, but also what I'm going to pack so I can fit in with all the fashion-forward Londoners as I do my sightseeing. This Spring, millennial pink is still in, and since it's getting warmer, you can start to shed the warm outfits and get a bit more relaxed and free. I share my suggestions for those heading to the European continent during the Springtime.

Tops & Outerwear

Contrary to popular belief, it's not constantly cold and rainy in the UK, so feel free to pack a cute camisole and short-sleeve tops. For the potentially colder days, you can definitely bring some long-sleeved blouses, but sweaters are definitely not necessary in the Spring. Don't bring a bulky coat, because you'll regret carrying it around with you. A motorcycle jacket will work just fine and is small enough to put in your bag or over your arm if it gets too warm.

Bottoms & Dresses

If you go towards the end of Spring, if it's warm enough, you can definitely pack a pair of cute shorts, and totally wear some tights under them just in case. Light-wash ripped jeans are perfect for the Spring months and pair well with any top. Adorable, light dresses will upgrade your look for when you need to dress up a bit for nicer locations, or if you want to do a cute photoshoot in Notting Hill. You can also bring a floral maxi skirt if you don't want to commit to a dress, but still want to look a little flirty.


You don't want to overpack shoes because if you're visiting a city like London, you'll be doing a lot of walking and only want to bring one or two pairs of shoes that can be worn with multiple outfits. I always tend to stick with flats because if you bring heels, you'll never wear them. Some slip-on flats look great with every look and will be comfortable to stay all day in. For nicer events or locations, some cute sandals will make you look like you put in more effort without killing your feet.


When you set out for the day, depending on how much stuff you need to bring with you, a small cross-body bag or a backpack can be your savior. Since the sun is starting to come out, grab some cheap mirror-surface sunglasses that will make you look trendy. For your pants or loose dresses, a velvet belt will cinch you in and look good with any outfit. And since it's England and could rain anytime, it's good to have an umbrella on hand. And then no look is complete without a pop of color on your lips.

I promise Primark isn't paying me to give it all this praise, I just adore the store so much. You can find everything you need there, so even if you forgot toothpaste, mascara, socks or a tank top, you can pop in real quick and get anything you need for an incredibly cheap price. Spring is a fun time in London and if you make a small effort to pack like you care about your appearance, you can make your trip just a little bit more magical by capturing some lovely Instagram shots of you in front of Big Ben with a fly look. Have a great trip to London and enjoy the Spring.