A Day Trip From London to the Seven Sisters Cliffs

I’ve been dreaming about visiting the Seven Sisters Cliffs ever since I was young. I’ve had this romantic notion in my brain of these white cliffs that seem so quintessentially English, where I stand at the edge and look out into the English Channel. Many people think the white cliffs of Dover are the picturesque ones, but it’s actually this spot a bit further southwest.

Taking a day trip from London to this beautiful spot is actually quite easy. There are trains every half hour leaving from Victoria Station heading south to Eastbourne. Once in Eastbourne, you can grab a ticket on board the hop-on-hop-off bus that takes you on a loop around the area. But before heading out to the cliffs, head down to the pier to get a taste of a traditional English boardwalk.

We took the bus to Birling Gap, which is the stop with the most iconic view of the cliffs. There’s also a little cafe and restaurant (and toilets) at this stop, so you can grab a cuppa before starting your walk around the area. If you head east, you’ll get in a lovely stroll along the cliffs and eventually hit Beachy Head lighthouse. This iconic view is a must-see.

When you’re done with your walk, you can head to a bus stop to get a ride back into town and get a pint at a pub before heading home. Hopefully the photographs below will inspire you to visit this gorgeous spot. P.S. It’s the best on a sunny day, but even overcast it would be lovely.