A Unique Foodie Guide to Seattle

Seattle was the city I always loved from afar. I grew up only an hour away, but didn't get there nearly enough as I should of when I was nearby it. As I got older and moved away, I've come to appreciate the city more and more. Each time I go back, I discover more and find amazing food to eat. I wanted to share some of my favorite eateries or food spots in the city that I think are worth the incredible journey to Seattle to try out.


This Capitol Hill cafe and bar is every person's Instagram aesthetic. With its faded white interiors, exciting menu and sweet cocktails, it's the perfect place for a weekend brunch (if you get there early to beat the crowds). 

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Mystery Coke Machine

This isn't exactly "food," but it's the most interesting cult location in the Emerald City. This coke machine is filled with a variety of different sodas and you never know what you'll get. It used to have a long history of being haunted because no one knew who refilled it, but it's since been revealed.

Molly Moon's

This adorable ice cream shop has many locations, but the most photogenic is in Capitol Hill. Right outside the shop are rainbow crosswalks and it makes for the best photographic opportunity (oh, and the ice cream is pretty awesome too).


In the U-District, this breakfast eatery has the best biscuits I've ever tasted in my life. They're the perfect amount of crumbly and you can get them with butter and jelly or in egg sandwich form (I suggest the Spanish Fly sammie). It's often very crowded because of its incredible reputation, so be prepared to have a bit of a wait if you get there during rush hour.

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Pike Place Market

This may be an obvious one, but seriously there is no better place to go in Seattle than Pike Place Market. Other than just being a lovely place to walk around, it had plenty of food to sample and eat.

Gum Wall

This is another place that doesn't totally count as a food spot other than the fact it's where people put their gum. Obviously, don't eat the gum off the wall, but come prepared with a bit of your own and add to the colorful selection of people's contributions. Some find it gross, other's facinating.

Rachel's Ginger Beer

If you need a drink while you're walking around the market, I totally suggest this unique ginger beer spot. You can get a variety of flavors either in plain or cocktail form and it's a perfect pick me up with the slight spice the ginger adds.


Over in Pioneer Square, if you want to find yourself that is serious Instagram goals, this Mexican restaurant is oh so lovely for a gathering of friends to drink and be merry. Their slushie drinks are fab and so are their tacos. 

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