Photo Journal: Hiking the Red Canyon in Israel

I’ve never been much of a hiker (mostly because I hate getting bitten by bugs and going uphill for too long is not my favorite thing in the world), but I’ve been trying to be a bit more adventurous lately, and when there was an option to go on a trek through the Red Canyon in Israel, I knew I had to go.

This beautiful piece of land near the city of Eilat runs right up against the border of Egypt and looks a lot like the famous Antelope Canyon in Arizona. If anything, I wanted to go and take photographs of this landscape, and it didn’t disappoint.

We did a short version of the hike, which included some fun ladders and rock climbing that normally would’ve been outside of my comfort zone, but I had the best time traversing this little trail. And we went at golden hour, so the sun was hitting the area just right.