Pretty In Pink: Lunch at Pietro Nolita

Sometimes you just want to go somewhere pretty. Thankfully New York is full of pretty places. I'll stalk Instagram's from time to time and find some cute places that I want to go and find, and today's inspo was Pietro Nolita, a completely pink restaurant. Obviously, I couldn't pass this up, so I grabbed the boy and we took a little MLK lunch date to this tiny, hole-in-the-wall venue that serves healthy Italian food.

Since I'm currently on a low carb diet (kill me now!), I wasn't able to eat much other than some eggs, sauteed greens and sausage, but my BF got some yummy pasta, and we enjoyed our meal in this Instagrammable masterpiece. Seriously, everything is pink and amazing. I was in such glee that I could sit in such a cute place. It's lucky we got there when we did because this place is BUSY. I'm assuming everyone wants the same pink photos as I did.

Overall, the food was okay, but I guess you're really paying for the theme rather than the fine cuisine. Maybe I'll go back when I'm actually allowed to eat bread and pasta. But even if you can't get a seat, it's still a nice place to walk by and pop your head in for some quick photos to add to your feed.


Before and after we ate, we also explored Nolita, Chinatown and Little Italy a bit, so obviously I was going to shoot some photos of the interesting things I saw there as well.