Why You Must Visit the Aquarium in Osaka, Japan

I never thought of myself as an aquarium person. If I had the option of things to do in a city, an aquarium visit wouldn't ever be something I'd think to put on the list. However, after visiting the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan in Japan, I may have to give more of them a chance.

In a vibrant, gritty city like Osaka, a place to feel like you're in another world is definitely this aquarium. It's one of the biggest in the world. The shining joy of this location is definitely the MASSIVE central tank that has a spiral staircase that walks you down the hallways as you head past the sharks, whales, stingrays and fish that live together in harmony. I was in awe as you could stand right up at the glass and feel so close to these magical creatures. 

Other highlights of the venue include a penguin and dolphin tank. There are lots of odd sea creatures hiding in dark tanks along the edges. Adorable seahorses jet around while seaworms wiggle about. You can even find Nemo. And you haven't lived until you've watched a jellyfish float ethereally through the water.