Outfit of the Day: Girl Power

If you didn't know I'm a hardcore intersectional feminist, then now you know! I'm all for equality and making sure that women can move forward in the world with their rights and visibility. Lately, my favorite store, Primark, has had lots of female-empowered clothing and I am living for it.

As someone who gets catcalled A LOT, it frustrates me that no matter what I'm wearing when I walk down the street, men are going to comment on it. But I do not dress for anyone. I dress for myself. I wear what I wear because I like to look cute and fun. I found this shirt that embodied that ideal and had to pair it with this dope pink, faux fur coat, and fun aviator sunglasses.

And to add to my empowered feeling, I took my camera and tripod up to the roof of my apartment building and shot these photos without the help of anyone! Yes, be jealous of my selfie-taking skills.