Outfit of the Day: Lavender Lemonade Love

Oh hey, Beyonce, you have some competition.

You know how when you grow up somewhere, you don't really appreciate it until after you're gone? Well, I grew up on an island in the Pacific Northwest that I couldn't wait to leave. But now that I've been away for awhile, I've come to miss the loveliness of the place.

I'm currently back home at my parent's house for a few weeks and trying to make the most of my time by finding spots nearby that I missed out on while growing up. By going through the Whidbey Island Instagram location tag, I found a few places that people had posted photos of that made me so excited to explore. One of these was a lavender field, Lavender Wind Farm, just a 20-minute drive from my home.

Obviously, I had to go find this place and take advantage of it. And while trying to choose an outfit for the occasion, I decided to wear this Beyonce Lemonade album inspired dress that I bought at Primark in May and hadn't worn yet. Yellow and purple are complementary colors, so I figured it would be the perfect look to help me pop against the quaint background.

So I took my younger sister and we went out to the field and did a photo shoot of each other so we could live our best lives and get some kick ass new photos. I taught my sister some tricks with the camera and I am so happy she could capture some great ones of me. I've also been watching a lot of America's Next Top Model since I've been home, so I was all ready to pose, pose, pose as we frolicked around the field.

I'm really excited to shoot more locations around my hometown and in the Seattle area while I'm here. This is the first July and August in three years that I've been back during, so I want to show the world how wonderful the Pacific Northwest summertime can be.