Unique Spots to Instagram in London

You can go to London a million times and still not find all the beautiful and interesting places that the city holds captive from you unless you're willing to dig a little deeper. As someone who loves to find the unique and secret spots that different cities have, every time I go to London, I make sure I find locations that are not super obvious in the tourist paths. I get people asking me all the time for suggestions of where to go and I've been happy to give some colorful spots, some fantastic places to Instagram, and I continue to share even more secrets as I continue to discover them in my favorite city in the world.


All over the city, there are coffee shops called Grind that are literal Instagram goals. Each of them is designed differently, but they're all aesthetically pleasing and the coffee is amazing too. Many are fitted with neon lights, cinema marquees, pink finishes, and lovely drinks.


Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel

This space in Waterloo is only a short walk from Big Ben and the South Bank and it's a grungy, unique place to walk through. All art here is legal and it's great for a photoshoot. It's kind of an undiscovered secret, so it'll often be empty and quiet.


Pink Garden Door

This adorable, blush pink door near the North side of Hyde Park feels like you've found a secret garden in the middle of London.



This funky shop on Portobello Road isn't a secret, but many people will just pass it by without a second thought at how interesting it is. There's a door on the side that is beautifully surrounded by red and tea cups and pots that would be lovely in any home.


Pink Home in Notting Hill

Plants on pink is a popular Instagram trend at the moment and this lovely home on Jameson Street in Notting Hill is the perfect place to get that look. The colors contrast each other perfectly and I am happy the person who lives there makes this look so nice for passersby.


56 Artillery Lane

This is one of the oldest facades in London and its nestled safely in Shoreditch near Old Spitalfields Market.


Bankrobber House

This small pink home in Notting Hill is great for a photo backdrop with it's lovely hues.


Farm Girl Cafe

This is one of the most Instagrammed cafes in London, so get there early or on a weekday to avoid a queue for a table. They have a lovely rose latte with real roses and their menu is on point.


Shakespeare Mural

One of the most famous Englishmen in history has a colorful mural in Borough Market nearby to the Globe Theatre. The mural isn't in an obvious place, so you'll have to make sure you ask where it is if you can't find it.



Most unique/offensive coffee shop in London award would probably go to this vulgarly named place in Bermondsy. They definitely got in trouble back in the day for the name (the cease and desist letter they received from the government is framed in the toilet), but I think it's since been okayed.


31 Glebe Place

This lovely door in Chelsea is a favorite of London Instagrammers and it's obvious why. With the mini-staircase leading up to the door and the greenery surrounding it, it's a must for a photograph. 



This coffee shop and clothing store hybrid in Shoreditch is one of the few places in London that makes a rose latte with a design so pretty that it makes it hard to want to drink it and mess up the artist's work. 


Maltby Street Market

Over in Bermondsey, this food market is open on the weekends and is often missed by folk who don't venture out far enough to find it. Not only is it a super photogenic market, it also has great food and is usually less crowded and crazy than Borough Market.


Pink Door Twins

Over by Columbia Road Flower Market, on Elwin Street, you'll find these peach and pink doors that are so perfectly placed. 

london-159 copy.jpg

Fournier Street

This old street near Brick Lane and Old Spitalfields Market is one of the best for a mixture of Victorian facades and street art.


Drayson Mews

This Kensington mews is fun because there's this hairdresser down the path that I found really intriguing.


Yellow Door

If you need a bit of sunshine in London (because let's be honest, London can feel gray sometimes), this cute yellow door has a window and arbor to match. You can find this on Hillgate Place in Notting Hill.


Postcard Teas

If you need something British AF in your life, this tea shop in Mayfair is not only photogenic from the outside, but you can get tasty teas inside.


And here's a map to make your life so much easier in finding these secret spots!