Photos that Show Why Christmas in London is the Best

I go back and forth on my Ebenezer Scrooge feelings each Christmas. Some years I'm happy and excited to celebrate with my family, and others I am very ready to down whatever I find in my parent's alcohol cabinet. But despite these feelings, I still love the Christmas season and all its glory. All the lights and merriment that comes with it makes me feel extremely happy and there's no other time of year I enjoy more.

And nowhere is this better received than in my favorite city in the world, London! They go all out in ways that no other city can match up to. The Christmas season begins early there, but it's 100% fine with me. All the way back in January, I bought tickets to see Hamilton play on the West End for December, and was happy to go back to my former home to see the show and embrace the cold in the Big Smoke.

It's been a few years since I returned during winter, so I was happy to be surrounded by all the lights, trees and ice skating rinks and capture it on my camera. I hope these photos show why you should add London to your holiday bucket list and get there either now while it's still the season or plan on it for next Yuletide!