Living My Best Blackberry Picking Life

It has been a long time since I've been back in the Pacific Northwest during the summer. After college, I couldn't wait to get away from my home State of Washington. The only times I've been around in the past 3 years is for the rainy winters or a brief weekend in the Spring. After attaining a remote job, I now have the ability to make my way to pretty much wherever I'd like, so obviously, I chose to go home for three-weeks to relax with my family.

One of the best things about the Pacific Northwest in the summer is that we get an incredible blackberry picking season in August. The bushes grow all around my neighborhood, and I spent much of my youth getting scratched by the thorns as I carried a bowl around with me to gather the fruit.

It's been a minute since I've gone out and done this, so I was happy to brave the possibility of getting hurt to be able to put together some berries for my mom to make a tasty dessert. You can always buy something from the store, but it definitely tastes better if you pick them fresh and make a dish yourself.

This isn't a recipe post because I'm not a foodie blogger, but I do want to show off the blackberry crumble my mom made from my scavengings. It's a mixture of the fruit, oats, low carb baking mix and it was all around goodness (and very healthy as well).

And since we didn't have any vanilla ice cream on hand to add to it, I improvised and poured some half-and-half over it to make it into a heavenly plate of creamy sweetness. My parents also stared at me the entire time I tried to get all of these shots (I do it for the 'gram shamelessly). But it was the perfect meal to end my journey home.

If you live in the PNW, I suggest you get to your closest blackberry bush cluster and start picking because it's so much fun and it's basically nature's candy and usually completely free because during non-blackberry season the bushes are treated as hard-to-get-rid-of weeds so they usually are on public property or even just on the side of the road, waiting to be harvested.

I'm going to miss being home, but I am happy I got a chance to be back during such a glorious time and also to do one of my favorite childhood pastimes.