Best of 2018 & Goals for 2019

BEST of 2018.jpg

Basically 2018 was a year of discovering a lot of things about myself. And while I spent much of it in misery over a lot of hectic things that was happening to my body due to the autoimmune disorder I developed, I am still thankful for experiencing a full year of adventure and intrigue.


I visited 4.5 continents this year:
North America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Central America

I went to 8 countries (3 of them entirely new to me):
USA, UK, France, Denmark, Egypt, Japan, Mexico, and Iceland

And I traveled to over 20 cities:
USA: NYC, Seattle, Whidbey Island, Laguna Beach, Chicago, Forks
UK: London, Guildford
France: Paris
Denmark: Copenhagen
Japan: Tokyo
Iceland: Reykjavik
Mexico: Tulum
Egypt: Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada



I don't like to make resolutions because I hate thinking I have failed in some way each year when I don't complete all of them. Instead, I like to make goals that are a bit more attainable and things in general that I'd like to work on.

I joined The Wing, an all female co-working space, so I want to go as often as possible to not only get my money’s worth, but to feel like I have an office I’m going to every day and have a reason to get dressed.

I took too much of a hiatus from performance stuff, so to get back into it, I will be taking improv, acting, singing and dance classes to keep my creative juices flowing.

I am excited to find new apartment in the Spring and Pinterest-fy the hell out of it.

This year, I want to settle down a bit more and fall in love with a puppy or kitty I can call my own.

I say this every year, but I really do want to eat healthier.

After a rough year, I think it’s important for me to make new friends and keep strong relationships with the people around me.

And for a big shocker, I want to travel only when necessary. I wasted so much money last year on trips I didn’t end up going on, or getting sick while abroad, so I need to be pickier with where I choose to go in 2019.

Because of my new autoimmune issues, I want to work on my immune system health and be peak healthy so I can avoid flare ups.

In order to keep my anger, emotions, and anxiety in check, I want to meditate and be more holistic.

I need to get out and explore more of New York City and the East Coast, because I’ve been here for almost 4 years now and I haven’t barely seen anything.

It’s the time to start diversifying my income through more side hustles. I don’t want to become a mogul, but I do want to make sure I have a way to make extra money.

My hair seems to never want to grow past my shoulders, so I want to take more effort this year to grow my locks long and strong.

I stopped writing a lot when I got sick, but I’m feeling better now, so it would be great to finish writing a play I started a few years ago.

I want to make sure I actually start vlogging more this year because I only ended up making a couple videos last year and I need to be more consistent.

Even though I want to travel “less", the places I do want to venture to in 2019 include Greece, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong. I hope I can make these a reality.

Here's to an amazing 2019 and I hope it is wonderful for you as well.