Outfits of the Day: Autumn in New York

It’s finally getting cold in New York City! When I arrived back to NYC in September, I was hoping for some easy, breezy, beautiful fall weather, but instead arrived to it being hot as hell. I brought only cold weather clothes with me, so I was frustrated that I couldn’t start rocking my big coats and thermal tights. But after a few weeks, the weather started to change in my favor, some clothes I had ordered online had arrived, and I could finally get my boo to come take some shots of me fully living my best autumn in New York life.

I don’t know why I adore fall so much. I guess it’s a combination of the air starting to get crisp, the leaves starting to change, the ability to buy hot apple cider, and bundling up in layers. I also love the color palette of autumn as well. Oranges, reds, yellows, browns and black takeover and they always look so good. I decided to get a little bit outside of my comfort zone this fall and order some clothes I might not normally wear. But hey, I am a New York City girl now, I have to take some fashion risks. I put together two outfits from my recent online shopping binge, and I got a chance to model them both this past week.

West Village Date

I normally hate turtlenecks. I was still scarred from being forced to wear them in the 90s and didn’t think I could rock one. But I figured that it could be a look, so I paired it with this beautiful mustard yellow skirt. And the outfit wouldn’t be complete without a bulky coat, so I threw on this fun fuzzy piece that is so soft. I also added on my “badass” necklace to boost my confidence a bit.

OOTD Details:

Coat - Shein
Turtleneck - Shein
Skirt - Shein
Tights - Torrid
Ankle Boots - Primark
Badass Neckless - Torrid

From Brooklyn to Central Park

I have never worn a dress this wild in my life. I loved that it had a 70s vibe and the colors were all on point for the season. I felt like a magazine editor while I was wearing it and when I added a coat on top, it made it feel even more professional. On this day, we started in Brooklyn with bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwiches, shot some photos on a brownstone, and then headed into Manhattan to walk around and found our way to Central Park. The leaves are finally starting to change, so I felt like I blended in perfectly.

OOTD Details:

Dress - Shein
Coat - Primark
Knee-High Boots - Forever 21
Purse - Shein