Help Save the Elephants with Amarula Cream Liqueur

Sometimes you can be transported to another place just with a little help from some good alcohol, a nice drink setup, and the knowledge that you're helping save elephants while doing so.

Amarula is a tasty cream liqueur made from marula, which is a fruit that grows only in Southern Africa. This unique fruit is a beautiful hybrid of citrus and a creamy nut and only ripens at the height of the African summer. Amarula uses these lovely little fruits to create the base for their delightful drink and are the only spirit company to do so.

On the branding for this drink is an elephant, which is incredibly important to the company. Only 350,000 are left in Africa with an elephant disappearing every fifteen minutes due to the violent crimes of poachers. Since Amarula's inception, they have been dedicated to the education and conservation of these majestic creatures, which I think is an incredible undertaking to be involved with and a cause anyone should be on board with.


As someone who loves being an adult purely for the fact I can now be an unofficial bartender in my own home and make all the cocktails for myself, I am always happy to create concoctions or sit back and relax and sip on some alcohol. The best way to experience Amarula is to get yourself into the mood and aesthetic of how the spirit should be consumed. Cream liqueurs are a versatile drink that can be consumed many ways, however, the best is simply on its own over ice or mixed with a warm cup of coffee.

To provide yourself with an extra special set up, grab some South African inspired fabric to create a place setting to transport you into a safari world. Go the extra mile and use an elephant-shaped ice tray to fill your glass with some fun. Pour the Amarula cream liqueur over the ice and make a toast with a friend or special someone as you drink up this scrumptious brew. 


With hints of vanilla and caramel and a waft of citrus as you put it up to your nose, this is absolutely a perfect drink for dessert or a nightcap. And if you're someone who likes to mix it up a bit, it's the best coffee creamer I've ever had and gives you a little jump in the morning with your cup of joe. My boyfriend and I finished the bottle so quickly because we loved it so much for both our coffee and a little drink before bed. I even tried it with iced coffee and it was heaven.

The best part of this though is that this drink is making a difference in the world. From now until the end of 2017, $1 from every bottle goes to WildLifeDIRECT for their "Don't Let Them Disappear" campaign, which is an initiative to raise global awareness about the elephant poaching crisis and help save these gentle animals. It's the epitome of "find you an alcohol that can do both." You're saving elephants and getting a slight buzz in the process. It's a win-win. It's available for purchase all over the world and it's the perfect sweet treat that I can't recommend enough.




Disclaimer: I received a complimentary bottle of Amarula and a drinks set. All opinions are my own. Drink responsibly.