Photo Journal: Day Tripping to Abu Simbel

If there's one day trip you should take if you are in Egypt, it's to Abu Simbel. These temples right near the border of Sudan are worth the 3-4 hour drive there in the early hours of the morning from Aswan. These massive structures cannot be done justice by just seeing photos of them, but hopefully, you can get a taste of their size from this post.

The only disappointing thing about these temples was to find out that they're technically not in the real spot they were found in. Archeologists had to save the structure from destruction so they moved it to a nearby spot of land to preserve it. You can see this from all the cuts where they chopped it up and put it back together again. Apparently the mountain it's embedded in is 100% fake as well! They created an artificial dome to house it, which is crazy.

Despite this, it's still a treat to see in person and the round trip there is lovely as you watch the sun rise and the colors of the desert as your transport takes you down the lonely road to this little piece of ancient Egyptian history at the most Southern part of the country.