What's In My Camera Bag?

My philosophy as a travel photographer is that you don't have to have the fanciest equipment in your hands to make intriguing images. Not everyone can afford to buy the latest DSLR camera or the most high-tech telephoto lens. I make do with what I've been able to purchase over the years.

My normal gear for when I head out on a trip or excursion includes my Canon 70D, which is a mid-range DSLR camera that has HD video recording capabilities. My main two lenses that I carry on me always are my faithful 50mm 1.8 and 28-105mm, which I both got refurbished so they were lower in price. I also have a 20mm wide angle lens for when I want to film vlogs and a Lensbaby Composer, which is an artistic lens for distorted photos.

I got my floral camera strap and an adorable camera bag off Amazon because I wanted to make my gear a bit more cute to tote around. I needed a compact tripod to take on my adventures with me, so I found that for under $20. I wanted to get into video more, so I got a tiny sports camera that had underwater and protective housing. I also love vintage methods of photography, so I picked up a Polaroid camera and some film for some fun shots.

As for all my accessories? I grabbed a ring light to add some light to my vlog videos, a small lav mic so I could record better audio. iPhonography is becoming all the rage now, so I bought some lenses for my phone, including a fish-eye for some fun shots. And because I travel solo a lot, I got a mini tripod that would hold my phone in place for selfies. Of course, you need a memory card and a reader so you have a place to store your photos as well as an extra battery for when you're on the run.

And that's what I'm packing! I like to have a variety of items so I can take on any sort of task when I need to. My camera bag is often overflowing because of this. But realistically, all you need is a nice camera and you can make magic too. Good luck with your photography.

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