Photo Journal: Paradise in Phi Phi

I just got back from my trek to Southeast Asia, and let's just say the trip was... interesting... But I'll save the details for another blog post because the first one I wanted to share with my readers was one that was positive and pretty. One of the 4 stops we made in Southeast Asia was to the Phi Phi islands, which are a two-hour boat ride off the coast of Phuket. We stayed on the main island for 4 nights and spent our days swimming, relaxing and taking an excursion to Maya Bay, which was made famous by the Leonardo DiCaprio movie, "The Beach." Other than Costa Rica, I've not spent much time in tropical locations, so it was nice to inhale some beautiful sights and get a quick taste of this alternate reality we don't often get to exist in. These photos hardly do the island justice, but I attempted to capture it to the best of my ability so you can get a sense of how lovely it was.