A Love Affair With Nolita

There's a part of New York City that makes me feel like I'm not actually in New York City, and that place is Nolita. Settled between Soho and Little Italy, this small area is where I've found some of my favorite things. For those who love colors, Instagram opportunities, street art, delicious food, adorable cafes and all things within the beautiful aesthetic, then I wholeheartedly suggest spending a day in this part of the city. It's hard to tell where it bleeds into Soho, but just taking a walk around this small radius of blocks, you'll come across some places that transport you to a much classier New York, a New York that doesn't feel corporate or crowded.

It's been hard for me since moving to this city to find places that make me happy, just because much of NYC is so business oriented and there's only so many times you can go to Central Park. But since coming across Nolita, I now have a sanctuary of walls for photoshooting, eateries for indulging my foodie Instagram urges, and just a small part of the world that gives me just the slightest European feel. Some of my favorite photos of the area are below, and I've included a map so you can go find them for yourselves. Enjoy Nolita, it's quite lovely and inspiring and a photographer's daydream.