Why I Pay For My Boyfriend's Travel 

It was Valentine's Day recently and I saw a lot of funny meme posts flying around about how their man didn't buy them a trip, so they dumped them. While I realize some of these were jokes, I also know there actually are a lot of women who sit around and wait for their boyfriend, husband, partner, etc. to surprise them with a trip to a tropical place or a romantic getaway. This made me kind of irked. As someone who adores traveling, I couldn't imagine waiting for my boyfriend to step up and splurge on a trip for us. Since we've been together, I have paid for probably about 70% of my boyfriend's travel, and while some people may think this is odd or not fair to me, I have a lot of reasons why I do it.

Eff Gender Roles

Maybe in the past, it was inappropriate for a woman to have any inkling that she wanted to get out of her surroundings, and the only time it was okay was if her husband chose to take her somewhere nice as a treat. But it is 2017 and I am an independent woman who wants to see the world and I will never let a man tell me if I can travel or not.

I make more money than him

I worked really, really hard to make sure I left college with a degree that would allow me to actually make money and be successful in life. As much as I love to perform, I didn't think I was talented enough to pursue that life, so I used my other talents to work in the PR and social media world. Because of this, I have a much larger income than my boyfriend. He's an artist who is aspiring towards being a full-time performer someday, so in the meantime, his jobs aren't as high-paying as mine, and that's totally okay. I'd rather he pursue his passions than be rich.

I'm selfish and want a travel partner

Most of the time, I love to travel solo, but for some places, it just seems better to have someone with me to make the time feel more fun and fulfilling. When I was living in London, I wanted him to come visit, but he couldn't afford the flight price tag so I made it happen. I needed someone to adventure around Europe with on the weekends, so it was worth it to get him over there with me. Since then, I've also purchased other flights for him and it's literally because I want someone to go with me and he's my main choice of travel companion.

He's not as passionate about travel as I am

While he does really love to travel, it's not a priority in his life, and it's not the first thing he'd spend extra money on. I don't want to take money away from him that he could use towards improv or sketch classes when that's the number one thing he uses his income for. Because travel is my major priority, I do like to spend my earned money on seeing the world, and that's my preference.

I still make him pay for some stuff

It's not all one-sided when we travel. I tend to use my tax return to purchase the big things like flights, but then I still have him pay for his own food and we split our accommodations just to keep things fair. He tends to like to be a bit more of a foodie than I am while we're on the road, so if he wants to go to a place that's a bit pricier, I make him pick up the tab since if I had it my way, I'd eat from the McDonald's dollar menu on most trips.

It makes me happy to make him happy

When you are in love, you want to do everything in the world for your partner and see a smile on their face. Every time I tell him I've got us plane tickets to somewhere new, his face lights up and he gets so excited and joyful that we get to go somewhere new together. His happiness is my happiness and I want nothing more than to do something positive for him that he'll remember forever and appreciate.