Photo Journal: Sleepy in Seattle

I grew up near Seattle, but rarely ever went there. Because of that, I got a bit of a jaded view of the city. I figured it wasn't very interesting and I shouldn't waste any time on it. But I was completely wrong. Seattle is such a gorgeous and enriching city and it's currently calling me back to it. My Pacific Northwest roots are drawing me back in with the natural beauty of the place. While I'm not moving back here just yet, I at least wanted to play tourist a little bit while I was here so I could enjoy it more than I had in the past. Spending New Year's Eve weekend in the city with my boyfriend (who is a Seattle native), was just what I needed in my life. And after 25 years of being a Washingtonian, I finally got to be in the presence of the Space Needle as the clock hit midnight, which meant I got to see the fireworks in-person.