Photo Journal: So Let's Go To Soho


Having lived in NYC now for over 19 months, I'm started to get a bit bored with the city. No, I'm not crazy. I know New York is a city of amazing activities and places and one shouldn't get bored. I just get antsy and I still miss London a lot. Sometimes when you live in the borderline-ghetto (shout out to Crown Heights) and you work in corporate midtown, you begin to think that this is all there is to NYC and you forget that there's actually other parts of the city that don't look gross or crowded. The other day, I met up with a friend in Soho for a photoshoot (a part of the city I actually hadn't really been to before), and I was completely shocked at how much like London some of the buildings were. It didn't feel stuffy or touristy, but quaint and sophisticated. I felt like I found a place I could go when I needed to feel like I wasn't claustrophobic of my routine surroundings. Soho and Tribeca are lovely and I want to share a bit of the pretty and interesting things I found there.