Outfit Of The Day: Fur Real Tho?


The night of Thanksgiving, I regret going online and realizing there were a million clothing sales happening for Black Friday weekend, because I ended up buying a lot of clothing (but all for at least 50-60% off, so I got good deals) to add to my closet. I made a couple purchases that I was worried might be too crazy, but then remembered that I live in NYC and there is no such thing as "too crazy" when it comes to fashion. I found a beautiful pink faux fur coat for only $20 and knew I needed to add it to my collection, even if it's something I only wear occasionally. I admit, I was very scared about wearing this coat out in public, so I brought a more tame leather jacket with me to wear before and after making my boyfriend be my Instagram husband. But then as I wore it longer, I loved it and didn't really care what people thought. I got quite a few compliments and even had someone want to take a photo with me because we were fur coat twins. I don't know how often I'll wear it, but I think it's lovely and I'm happy I decided to get it.

OOTD Details

Boots: Wet Seal Tights: Target Skirt: Primark T-Shirt: Boohoo Choker: Boohoo Fur Coat: Rue21