A Day Trip To The Cliffs Of Moher


I'm still confused at how I could have gone to Europe as many times as I have and still not get up to Ireland. But that dilemma was finally solved on my latest trip this fall. The boy and I flew from London to Dublin and spend 4 days on the Emerald Isle. Something I needed to do while we were there was to take a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher. Having seen photos of them for years, I knew it was a place I couldn't go to Ireland without seeing. I wish I could have gotten to more places, but the travel budget was not big for this trip, so I settled on a 40 Euro day trip with Paddywagon tours.


Our day began quite early as we set off for the West coast of the country. Our first big stop was in a small village called Kinvara, which is near Galway. We only got about 30 minutes there, but it was quite adorable and charming. It was also incredibly colorful, and I had a nice time walking around the main area and getting some shots of the hues.

img_1449img_1466 img_1467 img_1474 img_1476 img_1478 img_1483 img_1486 img_1488 img_1494 img_1497

The Baby Cliffs

Right before getting to the main cliffs, we stopped off at the Baby Cliffs, just 15 minutes away. This almost felt like a nicer area to me because I could totally see myself just sitting down and writing a poem or something. We didn't get much time here either, but I was glad our tour guide let us get a quick taste.

img_1502 img_1505 img_1511 img_1522 img_1547 img_1552 img_1555

The Cliffs of Moher

Of course, right when we got to the main event, it started raining like crazy. It is Ireland though, so it was kind of expected. But I didn't expect it to be hard, cold rain. We trekked up the path to the main sight point and I tried to push through the freezing rain and my soaking clothes and hair. Even with the rain and fog, I still could get a nice view of the cliffs and tried to enjoy it through the discomfort.

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