New Yorkers Choose Love


postits-3 The last two weeks have been incredibly frustrating and difficult. Living on the west coast and now the east coast, I had this ideal of how America might be this future utopia of equality and tolerance for those who are the "other." But then reality hit us all and we learned that a lot of people in a lot of states, especially in the middle of the country, don't feel this way. It was a devastating as a coastal dweller to see how much hate was secretly arising and a lot of us never saw it coming. I may live in a "bubble," where I can see all types of people getting along and living in harmony by growing up where I did, and now living in a city where diversity is encouraged. I know many think this bubble is what caused us to fail during this election cycle, but I wouldn't choose to live outside it. Why would I want to live in a place where people like my friends and I aren't accepted based on the color of our skin, our beliefs, our orientations and immigration status? I like the bubble, and this bubble chooses love over all. New Yorkers have banded together the past two weeks to show that we have ideals of a nation that is governed by an openness for all the people who live here and wish to live here. New Yorkers have found ways to be there for one another in this seemingly dark time. Art and creativity is all we have right now to guide us through what will be a time of fighting for basic human rights. We are not fragile snowflakes, we are not libtards, we are not cucks, and we are not whiny or entitled. We are people who truly believe that love trumps hate, and I'm so proud to live in this bubble and be able to walk past collaborative art installations such as these post-it note walls filling random subway stations around the city of New York. I may get frustrated with NYC and it's craziness, but at the end of the day, I know that the majority of people who live here share in my ideals for a more inclusive world. postits-5postits-2postits-6postits-7postits-8postits-4 postits-9 postits-10 postits