Tracing My Heritage: My AncestryDNA Results

For an adopted kid, knowing who you are is a constant struggle. You only know what you might have been told or been assumed to be based on what you look like. I obviously knew I was half-white and half-black, but I never knew the breakdowns of both of those things. Now, after taking an AncestryDNA test, I can know a little bit more about who I am. I know your background shouldn't be everything about you, but to me, I've just always been curious about what places my ancestors came from, since there's no way to trace who my grandparents are.

I received an Amazon gift card from work and wasn't sure what to buy with it, but then remembered that I've been wanting this DNA test for the past few years, so I figured I couldn't wait around for someone to buy it for me and went ahead and got it. Funnily enough, I found out that both my boyfriend and some other friends were going to each separately get this for me, so I accidentally beat them too the punch. I also know how popular of a Christmas gift this is, so I wanted to get mine before the rush and then have to wait longer for the results. I got the package in just 2 days, spit into the little tube, send it off, and got my results back in less than two weeks! And tada! Here is what I am (you can click the photo to be taken to the website if you want to zoom in a bit more).

My highest percentage is 20% British! Seriously, one of the things I said as I was waiting for the results was, "Wouldn't it be amazing if I found out that I was British, and that would explain my obsession with the UK?" Well, apparently there is a reason for my inner-Anglophile, and it's that my blood has almost a quarter of it being influenced by my favorite country in the world. I was overjoyed to learn this because now it makes so much sense that I've been yearning to get home to the motherland.

I am also excited now to see what parts of Africa my ancestors came from. Most slaves were taken from the West coast, so I expected that region to pop up. But 19% of me is from the Ivory Coast/Ghana and that might just have to be a place I go someday to get in touch with my roots. For African-American people, this test would be very eye-opening, because you can find out what your mixture is made up of and understand the part of the world you may have ties to.

I just can't believe I finally get to have a snapshot of who I am. My parents always told me I was probably part Native American, based on some paperwork they received. But looking at this, I am less than 1% Native American, so I don't know if I can claim that anymore when I tell people my ethnicity. The Pacific Islander percentage was a surprise as well, since I never would've expected that at all. So it seems that I am mostly African and European and that's perfectly fine with me and I am happy to see my results. I've heard that the test isn't 100% accurate, but I think that it definitely is enough so to give me an overall view of my genetic background.

If you want to take the test, here is a link for 10% off. I hope you can find out a bit about yourself as well.