The Brunch Generation: Regency Cafe


img_0983If you asked me where was my favorite place to get a traditional English breakfast in London, I would immediately tell you to go to the Regency Cafe in Pimlico, near Victoria Station. Is it the best breakfast in London? Probably not. But is it the most authentic little diner, where you'll be surrounded by hungry builders, black and white photographs from magazines, and is so iconic that it has been featured in various films and television shows. And it doesn't hurt that it was voted in the top five eateries in London. So popular that on weekends there is a long queue to get in, this little restaurant is best visited on a weekday morning, when you'll be surrounded by less people and can take your time to enjoy your food without feeling rushed. When you enter, you immediately feel that art deco style of dining and are met with a man behind the counter who is there year after year (probably because he's the son of the original owner). You walk up to the counter, give him your order, and then go sit down. They don't call out names here, just what you've ordered, so if you're not familiar with British accents or even the food you ordered, you must pay close attention.


The standard breakfast will set you back £5.50 and you get an egg, bacon, sausage, beans, tomatoes, toast and tea or coffee. You can make variations for only about 50 pence more or choose from their other menu items. But you'll surely get your fill here no matter what you order. A good English breakfast is meant to make you full so you can go for a few hours without getting hungry.

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After you've eaten, I suggest you walk it off by taking a little trek around the area and getting a lovely little view of this part of the city. I used to live only about a 10 minute walk from this cafe, so I know that there's lots of beautiful homes, vintage cars and pretty doors hiding behind Victoria station that many people don't take the time to wander around through. It's a very quiet neighborhood and great for photo-taking.  img_0981

I hope you give the Regency Cafe a chance. It's definitely one of my favorite places in the city for a good morning meal, and the facade outside makes it feel a bit old-timey and worth a visit.