Photo Journal: Essence of Essaouira


Morocco is an interesting country because there's a lot of stigma surrounding it. People assume it's a dangerous country or because of its Islamic beliefs that it's not a good place to be. They couldn't be more wrong. It's a vibrant country that has a mixture of many cultures and influences and is very safe. On my second trip back, I wanted to take a day trip to somewhere outside of Marrakech, and after looking at photos, Essaouira seemed to be the place to go. Unfortunately I was expecting a bit more of a sunny, beach paradise and we arrived into overcast skies. However, it was still quite lovely to spend a few hours here, walking around and experiencing this unique city of European, Middle Eastern and African influence and I wanted to share some photographs with you. A home to a Game of Thrones backdrop and Jimi Hendrix's favorite place to go in Morocco, it's definitely worth the trek. img_2595 img_2588 img_2577 img_2574 img_2571 img_2564 img_2561 img_2559 img_2557 img_2495 img_2493 img_2490 img_2485 img_2464 img_2461 img_2449 img_2443 img_2422 img_2419 img_2412 img_2409 img_2401 img_2398 img_2397 img_2395 img_2394 img_2393 img_2391 img_2390 img_2384 img_2383 img_2381 img_2379 img_2375 img_2373 img_2370 img_2368 img_2367 img_2366 img_2365 img_2359 img_2356 img_2354 img_2351 img_2349 img_2342 img_2327 img_2316 img_2313 img_2311 img_2310 img_2308 img_2305 img_2290 img_2283 img_2282 img_2279 img_2274