Photo Journal: Dublin Street Art


It's still ridiculous to me that I'd been to Europe as many times as I had, and even lived there twice, and still hadn't been to Ireland. I had to change that on my most recent journey. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect of Dublin, other than the lovely accents and Guinness. I had previously heard that the street art was fantastic, but when I arrived, I finally got to see it with my own eyes and it was actually quite amazing. Walking around the city and finding spots of creativity on the walls was intriguing, and I wanted to share some of my finds. img_1686 img_1439 img_1437 img_1433 img_1431 img_1429 img_1408 img_1412 img_1406 img_1402 img_1399 img_1397 img_1394 img_1303 img_1278 img_1173 img_1171 img_1316 img_1249 img_1183