Outfit Of The Day: Amused In Mews



Hi there! This post is reaching you from a very happy me in London town. We touched town at Gatwick airport on the morning of the 23rd and I was so excited to get into the city, but guess what? I got detailed for two hours while they tried to figure out why my passport had an alert on it. This happened to me last time I tried to come in and I thought they'd fixed it, but apparently it's going to happen every time I want to come back for awhile, so that's very frustrating. After not sleeping on the flights and then dealing with my detainment, I got into the city tired and not sure if I should nap or go visit Primark. Well, Primark couldn't wait and I went there any actually spent under my budget (told myself to not spend more than £100, spent only £71). The next morning, I just had to wear some of my new finds, so here I am modeling this adorable jumper, stylish coat and cute backpack.

mewsootd-2 mewsootd-4

Levi and I took a morning walk on Bayswater road, because there were some mews along there I wanted to find and photograph. A mews is a street that used to be where people would house their horse and carriages back in the day when that was the main mode of transportation. Since then, the alleyways have been turned into really expensive and usually colorful and eclectic homes and I'm on a mission to take photos of as many as I can on this trip. Leinster Mews was the first one I came across and it was the perfect place to stop and shoot some photos.

mewsootd-3 mewsootd-5 mewsootd-6 mewsootd-8

I love Primark with a passion, and I got some great items this time around that will be great additions to my fall wardrobe. I left with a cute pinafore, sweater, ballet flats, choker necklace, bomber jacket, backpack and graphic tee that I'm excited to wear.

mewsootd-7 mewsootd-9 mewsootd-11 mewsootd-10 mewsootd-12

Are you a fan of London mews? They're adorable and I can't wait to blog about the ones I find in this city. I am so happy to be back in London, and even getting detained couldn't ruin my love for this place. If you're ever in London, go find some mews if you're looking for quiet, beautiful streets for some pretty photos.

Outfit Details

Bodysuit: Burlington Coat Factory Pinafore Jumper: Primark Tights: Burlington Coat Factory Ankle Boots: Primark Backpack: Primark Necklace: Forever 21