An Afternoon At Refinery29's 29Rooms Art Exhibition


I've always got jealous at people who seem to find events that can fill their Instagram pages with photos of neon lights and colorful backgrounds, so when I found out that Refinery29 was doing their 29Rooms installation again, I knew I had to attend this year. I'm glad I went on the first day, because I can imagine the second two days will be overfilled with people who saw their friend's Snapchats and got major FOMO and had to go see it for themselves. 29rooms-1 29rooms-2 29rooms-3 29rooms-4 29rooms-5

This exhibit is exactly what it sounds like; there are 29 rooms and each one has an artist behind it to create pieces of work that are interactive and beautiful and totally kickass selfie material. It was impossible to not want to take a million pictures and stay in there for hours.

29rooms-6 29rooms-7 29rooms-8 29rooms-9 29rooms-10 29rooms-11

And here comes the point where I was trying to be super artsy and fashionable, but because it's been so humid in NYC, I was sweating like a monster in the warehouse and it was difficult to get many non-sweaty images, but I turned my BF into an Instagram husband for the afternoon and tried to get at least something.

29rooms-12 29rooms-13 29rooms-14 29rooms-15 29rooms-16 29rooms-17 29rooms-18

I have a thing for neon light signs (if I didn't move around so often, I'd fill my apartment with them), so this was like heaven for me to find all these pretty sayings and take as many pics as possible.

29rooms-19 29rooms-20 29rooms-21 29rooms-22 29rooms-23

I had tons of fun at this event, and hopefully anyone in the New York area can check it out this weekend, or next year when I'm sure they'll have it again.