The Stages Of A Nomadic Soul Moving To A New City


nomadic I have come to terms with the fact that I'm not meant to stay in one place for too long. It's hard being someone with a nomadic soul. Other than the affliction of wanderlust, you also feel the need to move on from a place when you've got what you could out of it, which can be as little as a month or closer to a year or two. I'm currently at the point where being in New York doesn't excite me anymore and I feel like it could be okay to move on. Here's been my own personal inner-narrative for the past year, but can apply to anyone who feels nomadic.

Oh my goodness, I have to plan out my life in this new location.
Okay, this new city is seriously cool and I love it!
My memory card and Instagram have never been more full of photos.
Life feels like it's happening! I have a job, an apartment and I've made friends.
Oh wow, I passed the three month mark and haven't felt sick of this place yet. I think this will finally be it.
Saw a flight deal today... Couldn't buy it though because I have responsibilities...
I'm starting to get that feeling where I wish I could leave again, but I just started a life here.
Alright, I hit six  months! I can do this. I can commit to a place. No problem.
Reads blog of a girl who travels for a living and breathes heavily with jealously.
There's nothing to do in this city. I'm so bored.
Goes on a trip because you literally can't not go somewhere every few months without going crazy.
Okay, it's been a year. I can handle this. I'm an adult.
Wow, I miss the city I used to live in. I miss home.
Maybe I can move home and save some money to travel somewhere else?
What if everyone thinks I'm a failure for leaving?
Okay, just come up with a plan and stick with it you fool.
It'd just be easier to stay at this point...
Maybe I can go to grad school in another country or teach English somewhere.
Well I can't leave until my lease is up anyways, and what if I can't find a job?
Starts to devise a plan to make way to a new city after much anxiety and sleepless nights thinking about it.
Gets excited about the possibilities of living in a different city and start the process all over again.