Photo Journal: A Day In Pompeii


pompeiiLet me start this off by saying that a day in Pompeii is not really nearly enough time to see it all, especially if you're an archeology nerd like me and like to explore ancient sites in full. Because of this unfortunate reality, I probably saw only a small fraction of what I could have if I had more time or even more days. Also, a word to the wise, make sure you plan Pompeii on a day of your trip where you don't have any luggage with you except a small purse. I had to trek my heavy backpack and two bags of stuff with me because I was headed to the train station in Naples for a long journey overnight to Paris. This wasn't a good idea, and I had to sit down and take off all of them every 15 minutes because it was hot and I am weak. Other than all this, I had a nice day seeing the ruins and will just show you some of my favorite photos from the day.pompeii12 pompeii11 pompeii10 pompeii9 pompeii8 pompeii7 pompeii6 pompeii5 pompeii4 pompeii3 pompeii2 pompeii1pompeii13

Have you ever been to Pompeii? What's your favorite part? Let me know in the comments.