Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 Premiere & Review


IMG_1150 Last March, I was just about to leave London and was a bit sad due to that, but a show came on Netflix that gave me a day of binge-watching, that turned into re-watching the show multiple times before I headed back to America. This show was Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and it's brilliant. Tina Fey produced another comedic gem and I was beyond happy to hear that it had been renewed for a second season.

Fast-forward to yesterday when I had received tickets to what I thought was just a early screening of the show, but turned out to be the actual premiere of the show. I was already super happy to get to view some of the episodes early, but even more jazzed to know that I would be in the same room as all the stars and their celebrity guests. It took everything in me, as I sat in the back right next to the door to the auditorium, to not scream as Tina Fey, Tituss Burgess, Ellie Kemper and Carol Kane walked past me. I also got to see Anna Camp, Skyler Astin from Pitch Perfect, Adrienne Moore and Emma Myles from Orange Is The New Black, and Zosia Mamet from Girls. I know there were tons more people there, but they must've been on the other side of the room because I missed an up close view.


Now onto the review. For those who've seen the show, you'll know it ended with the trial against Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne. For the premiere, we were shown episode 1 and episode 5 of season 2, which goes live on Netflix on April 15th. Season 2 picks up with a short flash-forward to some Christmas activities, but then rewinds 3 months to show what happens up until that point.

Kimmy is back in New York City and still in love with Dong (who married someone else for a green card). Over the course of the episode, she runs into him and realizes she still cares about him, but he needs to stay away from her because his marriage needs to look real for the immigration officers. Meanwhile, Titus is dealing with his wife whom he ran out on at their wedding 17 years prior. She wants money and a divorce from him. Jacqueline Voorhees goes back to her Native American roots and goes by her birth name Jackie Lynn White and tries to relearn how to live with her parents and be a good daughter again. That's about all I'll spoil for the moment, but it's a great follow up to where we left off at the end of season 1.

Episode 5 moves forward to show Kimmy still pining over Dong and Titus with a new romance, which makes him so happy that he is constantly singing show tunes (from made up Broadway musicals), which he tries to teach to Lillian the landlady. Jacqueline is trying to deal with her wild son Buckley by giving him ADHD-like drugs that subdue him so much that he becomes like a drone. The episode didn't reveal too much, but I'm sure when you see what happens before and after it, it will make sense. But of course the show is on fire with its quips and jokes that seem to happen at least a few times a minute. It was hard to hear the next joke because everyone was laughing at the previous one.

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I am so happy I got to see a preview of the show that I came to love so much last year. I would've tried to stay a bit after the showing to get some celeb selfies, but figured I'd lay off this time. I also have a dream of someday meeting my number one idol Tina Fey, but want it to be in a setting where I'm not accosting her because I'd hate to ever be rude to the comedy goddess. Someday I'll meet her in a setting where we can actually talk, but until that day, I'll settle for just being in her presence. Anyways, I highly suggest binge-watching the entirety of the second season when it goes live in a couple weeks, because based on what I've seen, it's just as great as the first season.