5 Reasons Why Travel is Sexy


One of the sexiest things a person could ever say to me would be, "Darling, let's be adventurers," or "I bought plane tickets to ____ and we're leaving tomorrow." There's just something inherently sexy and spontaneous about the idea of traveling and getting out of your comfort zone. For us wanderlusters, and even those who aren't, you have to admit, travel is something that can be a major turn on, even a platonic turn on.


Travel is often spontaneous. People often say the personality trait they wish they had more of is to live life a bit more on the edge and not be so planned out. Travel allows for this in so many ways. First off, taking last-minute trips is always exciting. The thought of buying train, plane or bus tickets right before leaving is intriguing and means less time for creating a plan and more time to follow your instincts. Then, once you're actually on the journey, more spontaneity tunes in and you do things you might not have thought were possible. I often turn into an entirely different person on the road and become much more brave than I would've been had I stayed in a comfortable environment.


Admittedly, there's a few places in the world that wouldn't seem sexy (probably places like Antartica, where wearing 20 layers and struggling to survive is the priority), but for the most part, planet Earth is pretty dang sexy. I don't even just mean the tropical places either. While tropical locations like Hawaii seem hot since everyone is in their bikinis in the sand, let's start talking about other places too. I bet you never thought of Iceland as sexy. Well there are beautiful places all over the world that are sexy beyond belief, you just have to be open to a different kind of "sexy." Watching the Northern Lights at the top of the world or seeing lions on an African safari are activities that are just as awesome as having a leisurely trip to the beach. If you're looking for a fun trip to take with a partner, don't swear off these other options.


When someone tells you, "Oh, I'm a traveler," what could be sexier than that? Well, I guess it's only a thing you care about if you're also a traveler, but I feel like travel ends up being listed on a lot of dating sites as an admirable quality to have, even if they're lying or have only be out of the country once. But at the end of the day, being adventurous is something people like to hear about you. Saying that you've seen the world is interesting and bodes well for people to ask you questions and have a topic of conversation to go on about for hours. In my online dating days, travel was what was always commented on from my profile and created a good icebreaker. Travel can remove the stigma that you're boring and just another one in the pack.


Travel is rebellious. It is the ultimate "eff you" to society. We're told to grow up and stay put in a job we hate and a house we have to pay a mortgage on. By traveling, you're saying you don't care what society says and you're going to go off and see the world anyways. There's a reason the "bad boy/girl" stereotype is a thing. We love people who seem to go against the grain. It's seen as a wow factor that a person would not be confined to a certain way of life. Travel is one of those things that isn't what everyday people do. Yes, people go on vacations, but not everyone actually travels. Going off the beaten track is cool and exciting and gets your heart-rate up. You're not one-dimensional if you travel, you're a rebel with a cause, and that cause is to see the world.


Travel opens your mind. You can't go all the way across the world and come back with the same thoughts and feelings as before. Broadening your mind is one if the biggest perks you get from traveling and what's more provocative than that? With media constantly telling you what to think about what's going on in the world, there's no way to fully understand what's happening and how people live until you go there and experience it for yourself. Then you can come home and be a better, more well-rounded person having known what the rest of the world goes through on a daily basis. Plus, having a a broader experience of the world is something that will make you much more intriguing to people than just having a one-track mind.

What else makes travel sexy to you?