Sisters Film Premiere


sisterstheatre I am not sure how I kept my cool when Amy Poehler and Tina Fey walked only 3 feet in front of me when they arrived into the theatre, but I did. A couple days ago, my dream finally came true, and I was finally in the same room with bot of my comedy queen role models. How is this possible? Well lucky ol' me got tickets to the Sisters film premiere and I got to not only see the film 10 days early, but be in the actual room with the cast, filmmakers and other celebrity guests as we watched the world premiere of this new movie.

To say that I was excited is an understatement. I was not expecting anything that happened that night. My friend alerted me that there were fan tickets being given away for the premiere, but since I've been let down before, I figured it was just some early screening for fans and that we'd be ushered into a separate area to watch the film and then be escorted out by security so we didn't bother the talent. Well, I was gratefully wrong. This was legitimately the premiere for the film and we were all a part of it.

sistersMy friend and I arrived, hoping we weren't to late to get in (as the ticket said that there was no guarantee), but we arrived, got our official ticket and were walked right into the theater, past the red carpet and upstairs. The Ziegfeld Theater was this gorgeous, certainly old rustic space that I was in awe over. I felt way too un-luxurious to even be allowed here. In the lobby, us fans crowded around, waiting to be let into the screening. There was a fun photobooth for us to take photos in (with lighting I need in my life because it made me look fabulous), and free popcorn, soda and water for us to enjoy along with the film.

After entering the theater, we took our seats and waited for the film to start. Like I said before, I thought that perhaps the stars of the film would dip after the red carpet and we wouldn't see them, but I was pleasantly surprised when Amy and Tina walked past us to take their seats (which were just among us peasants in the audience). More and more celebrities starting showing up and my friend and I could not control our excitement. Bobby Moynihan, Natasha Lyonne, Fred Armisen, Ike Barinholtz, John Cena and more walked past us and we screamed in silence.

After the film, I thought security was going to push us fans out, but no one did any such thing and as we excited, we were inundated by so many stars just exciting alongside us. I was brave enough to ask SNL players Taran Killem and Bobby Moynihan if we could get photos with them, and they gladly abided (although I'm sure I embarrassed myself when I told Taran that I remembered him all the way back from his Disney Channel Original Movie days of Stuck in the Suburbs). On our way out we also saw Brittany Snow, Julie Klausner, and so many other people we were worried about bothering so we tried not to.

tarenbobby As for the film? HILARIOUS. I don't want to spoil it too much for those who were planning on seeing it, but it's basically what the trailer shows; two sisters want to throw one last party in their parent's house before it gets sold. I seriously felt blessed watching Tina and Amy's film with them in the room. It was very surreal. Paula Pell, a writer for SNL and some of your favorite comedic things, wrote the film and it's great. It's not something I'll probably watch over and over, but it's a quality story with great performances from Amy and Tina. Bobby Moynihan is also a stand out in the film with his hilarious appearances. A lot of other comedy stars make cameos and are attendees at the party and it's really a treat to see them pop up here and there. I'm really glad I got to see it early (and for free) and I totally and completely suggest if you're a fan of these two women, that you should go see this because you won't be disappointed.

For real though, I had a really celebrity-fueled past few days. Other than the premiere, I attended my first Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon episode (catch me in the audience here), and I got asked if I wanted to ask a question on camera for the Meredith Viera show as well (my TV debut), so I am sort of in entertainment heaven at the moment.