Travel Wishlist for 2016


travelwishlistNow that I'm in the working world, paying insanely high New York bills and not a lazy student (as I was last year), the reality of traveling has become a lot more difficult. However, I have been #blessed with a job that is very flexible when it comes to traveling. As long as I get my work done, I am able to take some time away from the office. This means I don't have to hold back too much when it comes to seeing the world (other than the cost of the flights of course). In 2016, I plan to continue my journey of exploration by making the following trips happen. This is me being realistic though. If I had my way I'd go all over the world, but I need to take into account my finances and time so here's my travel wishlist thatΒ I'd love to have come trueΒ in the next 12 months.

Costa Rica

This flight has actually already been purchased! I found an insanely great flight deal for only $150 round trip from New York, so my boyfriend and I will be heading there for a week in January. Obviously, you need more than a week to see the country, but a week away from the cold of New York to go explore this beautifully diverse country is just what I'll need. We'll pack as much as we can into our seven days and enjoy some sun, Latin food and maybe even some zip-lining.

Southeast Asia

If my job permits it and I can potentially telecommute or put my job on hold for a month or two, my boyfriend and I would really like to spend some time backbacking around this part of the world. The ideal would be landing in Bangkok, possibly volunteering at an animal shelter on the island of Lanta, and then departing from there to visit Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and whatever other countries we can make it to. The flight would be the biggest splurge to get there, while the living costs when there are amazingly cheap.

Pacific Northwest

Awww, to be home. I will be going home for Christmas this year, but I'm truly hoping that next year I can get home to visit my family and friends more than once. Unfortunately, it's oddly costly to travel from New York to Seattle, so hopefully I can find good flight deals so I can see the people I love. Plus, I just crave the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest that I was so lucky enough to grow up in. I'd like to be able to also get in a Portland and Vancouver journey if I can take some time away from my loved ones.

Upstate New York & New England

I've lived in New York now for over six months and I've barely seen any of the East coast. I took a day trip to Boston, just to shop at Primark, but haven't really seen anything of my surrounding states. Next fall, I'd like to get to Niagara Falls and see some foliage in Vermont and spend some more time in Boston. The only excuse keeping me from this is that it is weirdly expensive to take trains around this region, so hopefully I can find some deals.

Iceland, London & Paris

If I can swing it, I would love to get an extended layover in Iceland so I can actually explore it more fully this time. And then I'd continue on to my beloved London and Paris and get my fix of nostalgia and beauty. London and Paris are my favorite cities in the world and I seriously can't get enough of them. I'd spend the rest of my life splitting time between the two if I could. I'm truly hoping that with all the recent terrible acts that this won't make traveling there harder and wont lead to fear in the hearts of people who had intended to go there and are now afraid.