Photo Journal: Brighton Beach


Who knew that such a nice beach lay less than an hour away from New York City? Well, I guess a lot of people, but I wasn't super aware of anything but Coney Island, so when I was on my way there today and saw a less crowded beach before my intended stop, I got off and went there instead. Brighton Beach, while technically connected to Coney Island beach, is further down, less crowded (at least on a Sunday in November) and nicknamed "Little Russia." When you get off the train, you'll come across tons of shops baring Russian storefronts and people speaking the native tongue of their motherland. Since we're currently undergoing a late-in-the-year heatwave in New York, heading to the beach for the day might just be the thing you need to perk up your day. Plus, the cute seagulls everywhere make it worth it for me any day.

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