Gifts For Your Traveler


Last year I created a list of holiday gifts for travelers, but it's a new year and a new holiday season, so if you're looking for a gift to get for a friend or loved one who is obsessed with travel, this list may be a good place to start your search for inspiration.

Adventure Fund

Saving up for a trip can be expensive, but a cute place to store extra change can be just the inspiration someone needs to start putting away money for an upcoming adventure. Make one DIY with a mason jar or find one on Etsy pre-made.


Some of those traveler backpacks are really ugly. Yes, I said it. For those who need a place to pack their belongings, but don't need the heavy-duty bag for a hiking trip and still want something fashionable, but heavy duty, there's tons of cute backpacks out there to take on your journeys.

Leather-Bound Journal

It's not always possible to take a laptop on the road to document all your adventures, and that's where the old school style of writing in a journal comes in. I've found that leather-bound journals hold up better and if you fill one up, then you can usually easily take out the papers inside and replace them. There's plenty on Etsy or in your local bookstore to pick up.

Instant Camera

Instant photography is not dead. While it's harder to find them and a bit more expensive to own one than back in the day, it's still pretty magical to take on on a trip with you and have something to view immediately. Plus, they make a great scrapbook or cork-board item for when you return home to display.

Map Print

For the loved ones who like the idea of traveling, but don't get to do it much, a beautiful map print could be just the decoration they need to gain that inspiration to get out and see the world. Maps are the easiest thing to make a wanderluster smile and with so many gorgeous Etsy products floating about with beautiful calligraphy and a vintage feel, your traveler will be grateful.

Plane Tickets

Of course, the most amazing thing you could get for someone who likes to travel is plane tickets. Sometimes a person just needs the opportunity to be given a round-trip and then they can go. Not all flights have to be expensive, but checking SkyScanner for good deals can help you plan out where you want to send your loved one (and maybe you can go too). Just be sure to tell them first so you can collaborate on where and when to go, otherwise you'll have to pay the dreaded change fees if there's a conflict.

Travel Tripod

This is a gift a solo traveler will love. It's always a bit awkward to ask people to take a photo of you, and even more frustrating when you're a photographer and you pass off your camera to someone and they totally butcher the photo (how'd you make me out of focus and cut half my head off?). A nice, compact travel tripod will be so helpful to your traveler and let them avoid buying the dreaded selfie stick.

What are some other gifts you're thinking of getting for your traveler?