A Weekend in Colorado


Despite the fact that I LOVE to travel, I haven't hardly even seen much of America. I've been to Washington, Oregon, California and New York. I guess I technically have been to Boston now (just a quick day trip to go shopping at Primark, but I didn't see any of the city), and have now had flight layovers in Illinois and Florida (which don't count since I didn't leave the airport), but now I can actually add a new State to my short list. This past weekend I spent five lovely days with my boyfriend in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. He's been on a tour around the West side of America with his comedy performing troupe and since I hadn't seen him in two months, I found the cheapest flight I could to go see him and it happened to be into Denver.

IMG_0222 As promised, he was at the airport to pick me up and I was obviously elated to see him. We stayed in this beautiful AirBnB our first night, (which you should definitely check out if you are going to Denver) and settled in. It was a lovely little guesthouse with multiple rooms, but likeΒ a self-serving BnB. It was exactly what you'd want out of a little hippie home, with mis-matched decor and a home-y feel.

IMG_0230 IMG_0234 IMG_0238 IMG_0239 When we got hungry, Levi and I took an Uber to a place he looked up called Tocabe. It was basically like a Native American version of a Chipotle and it was delicious. I got the Indian Taco, which was a tasty, puffy flatbread with bison meat on top and lots of great other toppings. If they had these in New York, I'd eat there all the time.


That evening, we got picked up by Levi's comedy troupe and we went up to Boulder so their group could meet the improv team at the University of Colorado Boulder campus. It was dark, so I couldn't see much, but walking through the campus felt so lovely. It definitely made me miss college. It had a very similar feel to my alma mater, Western Washington University.

The next few days included Levi and I wandering around our next AirBnB's neighborhood (not as cute as the first place, but a cozy place to stay at least), and because we were without a car, we walked a lot. Having been stuck in New York City for over six months without a break from the craziness, it was fairly nice to have a quiet weekend away.

IMG_0252 IMG_0278 IMG_0273 IMG_0271

One of the nights, we went overΒ to Golden, a small town, to meet up with some friends of friends for dinner. They kindly took us to a place called Sherpa House, which had authentic Nepalese and Indian food. I got the Yak chow mein and it was definitely a new kind of meat to try, but really good.


After learning we were not completely stranded at our AirBnb, and could take a bus straight to Downtown Denver, Levi and I spent some time there just walking around and enjoying the city. It was definitely the quietest city I've ever been to. I expected it to be fairly busy and bustling, but instead it was serene and actually kind of nice.

IMG_0287 I guess I'm glad I could see another part of the country, and it just proved to me that I really do need to take a USA road trip sometime soon because this country is more than just the West and East coast. There's an entire spread of land between and I've seen none of it. I wish we had been able to have or rent a car because I would've liked to explore more of the State, but I'll leave that for the future I guess. Now I just have to wait patiently another month to see my boyfriend again while I'm home for Christmas, and then in January, we'll finally close the distance and be in the same place and able to travel together more often.