School of Rock - The Musical: 360° Video Experience


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I don't know about you, but "School of Rock" is one of my favorite films from the early 2000s. The idea of Jack Black coming to a school to shake things up was just the kind of entertainment I needed as a pre-teen. I still quote lines from it to this day! So obviously I was very excited to learn that it was becoming a Broadway musical, and written by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber.

In a huge first, the show released a video that when I saw, I was so wowed by that I had to watch it multiple times, just so I could fully take it in. It's the first of its kind for a Broadway musical. And why is it exciting? Well it's a fully rotating 360° video for the song, "You're in the Band." Check it out below to understand what I mean.


Isn't it awesome? What struck me about it (other than just the technological amazingness of it), was that having always been a huge fan of the film, this song is almost verbatim to that scene in the movie. Plus, being able to navigate around the room makes it so much fun to see what all the students are doing during the duration.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said, “I am proud that School of Rock is not just the first musical to take this leap into the future, but that this video of “You’re in the Band” is the first time anyone has used the 360 degree medium in this way. It could open a lot of doors.”

“By creating an immersive 360° musical number on YouTube, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Julian Fellowes are bringing the magic of Broadway and their new musical to theater fans around the world. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next,” said Sanjeev Verma, Product Manager at YouTube.

So you see, it hasn't even opened yet and it's already creating buzz through this new way of showing Broadway musicals to the public. With exciting, fresh tech to promote shows, I would be happy to see a show that has such innovative thinking behind it.

School of Rock – The Musical will begin preview performances at Broadway’s Winter Garden Theatre November 9, 2015, with an official opening set for Sunday, December 6, 2015. Based on the smash hit 2003 film of the same title, School of Rock – The Musical will feature music from the movie, as well as an original score by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricist Glenn Slater, with a book by Julian Fellowes and direction by Laurence Connor.

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