DIY: Paint Chip Wanderlust Banner


I'd like to think of myself as someone who is fairly good at crafts. I grew up with a seamstress/quilter for a mother, which always meant there were things around the house for me to make things out of. Throughout the years I'd start gathering my own items and had boxes full of scraps of fabric, magazine cutouts, bows and ribbons, stamps, glitter and more ready for me to start creating with. Then Pinterest came about and I had a place to find new inspiration. I've been seeing all these DIY fun crafts using paint chips, so when I some came into my possession, I knew exactly what I would make. To satisfy my wanderlust, I decided to get crafty and put something on my wall that could help remind me everyday that there truly is adventure out there. This was actually super simple to make and really only takes five items and could potentially be free if you already have some of these thing lying around.


Go to your local hardware store's paint section and grab some paint chips. For this project, you'll want the thick or wide ones, not the strips (which make great bookmarks by the way). If you don't already have some twine laying around, you can grab a small spool for only $1 at Target or a craft store. Then have a pair of scissors handy, a sharp pencil and some pins for the wall and you're ready to go.


If you're like me and fairly good at drawing block letters, then you can sketch out your letters on the back of the paint chips (make sure to draw the letters backwards, unless it's a mirror letter, otherwise you'll cut it out and it'll be the wrong way). If you need assistance, you can always find a font you like and print them out from a computer and then use it as a stencil, but if you want to save paper and ink, then hand-drawn works just fine.


Cut out your letter and make sure it looks good and is in the right direction. Take your scissors and poke a hole at the top of the letter and use the pencil to make the hole more circular to fit the twine. Then string through your letters until you have all of them on the line.


For those who love to travel, a fun travel quote is nice to don on your wall. My suggestions are:

Wanderlust Fernweh Adventure is out there Adventure is worthwhile Life is either a daring adventure or nothing Not all those who wander are lost Life begins at the end of your comfort zone I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list Take only memories, leave only footprints Oh the places you’ll go Wherever you go, go with all your heart To travel is to take a journey into yourself

Unless your wall is huge, the shorter the quote, the better. Once you're done, just put some pins in the wall and you're done! It's such a simple task to do. It only took me 30 minutes and cost $1 for the twine, so much cheaper than buying a wall-hanging online or at a store. Now I have something on my wall to wake up to that inspires me everyday to make the most of my hours awake.

What other DIY crafts would you like to see me make?