Photo Journal: Labor Day Weekend


I have to admit, it's been awhile since I took my camera out to use other than for filming my web series. But with the boyfriend in town for the holiday weekend, I figured it was a good excuse to go out and explore the city with him and take some shots along the way. We had a lot of fun catching up and enjoying the sun. Since it was Labor Day weekend, there was plenty to see and do around the city so I was happy to get out of the house for once and actually enjoy the city I live in for a short time before returning to my cave where I save money by watching Netflix and eating leftover Chinese food.

IMG_9457 IMG_9411 IMG_9407 IMG_9392 IMG_9389 IMG_9383

IMG_9462 IMG_9475 IMG_9478 IMG_9488 IMG_9506 IMG_9546 IMG_9563 IMG_9569 IMG_9578 IMG_9586 IMG_9590